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Sound Desk Compact white

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The Glorious Sound Desk Compact white is a compact workstation with a white finish.

This cleverly designed studio station offers space for studio monitors and a screen. Just below, on two 3U racks, there is room for 19" external equipment, so that nothing interferes with the creative process. Despite its small size, the studio workstation can easily accommodate a laptop, audio interface or synthesizer. The work surface conceals a sliding keyboard tray large enough to hold keyboards with up to 61 keys or similar devices. The keyboard tray can be set at six different heights to make production as ergonomic as possible. The studio workstation has multiple cable ducts, allowing it to be installed free-standing or flat against a wall. The X-shaped design and additional bracing of the Sound Desk Compact make it remarkably stable.
Ref : 106854
- Provides space for a laptop/computer, monitor, studio monitors, audio interface, 19" rack mount equipment, MIDI controllers, synths and master keyboard
- Two integrated 3U racks for 19" equipment
- Sliding drawer for keyboards up to 61 keys
- Keyboard tray adjustable in 6 height positions
- Various cable ducts on top, inside and on the floor
- Internal cable ducting for power strips, accessible from the front and rear
- Can be placed on a stand or flush to the wall
- Cable ducting for wall installation at screen height
- Stable construction with additional braces
- Easy to assemble in a few steps
- Delivered flat in one package
- Available in: black, white or wood
- Load the keyboard tray up to 12.5 kg (recommended) / 15 kg (max)
- Maximum tray load: 35 kg
- Dimensions (W x D x H): 1016 x 650 x 932 mm
- Furniture weight: 25.83 kg
- Weight with packaging: 27.42 kg
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