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Enova hifi VELA II

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Pair of multimedia speakers with retro and elegant design, designed for remarkable sound experience. They are equipped with two 4-inch speakers and two high-quality tweeters, ensuring clear and powerful sound reproduction.

The features of VELA II speakers

  • The VELA II speakers consist of a complete active speaker in terms of connectivity, accompanied by a passive speaker for optimal stereo playback. A remote control is also included for convenient remote use.
  • The VELA II speakers easily connect to various devices such as TVs, smartphones, or tablets via Bluetooth or wired connection. Additionally, they offer the ability to play audio files from USB drives in any environment.
  • In summary, the VELA II speakers represent versatile multimedia speakers, combining exceptional audio quality with various practical features.
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Technisches Arbeitsblatt

  • Bluetooth Ja
  • Multimedia speakers with various connections
  • Multi-function remote control
  • Power: 60W, 80W Max
  • 2 Woofers 4’’ and 2 tweeters 1.25’’
  • Frequency response: 45Hz – 20KHz
  • Distortion: 1%
  • Inputs: RCA x 2, Optical x 1, USB x 1, HDMI ARC x 1
  • Bluetooth receiver
  • Active speaker outputs: Speaker OUT, SUB OUT x 1, and HDMI ARC x 1
  • Equalizer: Bass and Treble +/- 6 dB
  • Power ON/OFF button
  • Input selector
  • Sound mode selector: Music, Voice, and Movies
  • External power supply included
  • RCA/Jack Stereo 3.5mm and Optical cables included
  • Dimensions (each speaker): 171 x 150 x 223mm
  • Total weight: 3.35 Kg
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