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Sabian Anthology Low Bell 22

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  • Sabian Ride Anthology Low Bell - Ride Becken - Main picture
  • Sabian Ride Anthology Low Bell - Ride Becken - Variation 1
  • Sabian Ride Anthology Low Bell - Ride Becken - Variation 2
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Ride becken

HHX Anthology is the pinnacle of essential HHX technologies, uniting traditional and contemporary sounds. These cymbals embody Jojo Mayer’s philosophy that it is the player who decides what the cymbals are. The 22” HHX Anthology Low Bell is traditional, elegant and sensitive, allowing the full spectrum of both ride and crash sounds to unfold with no compromise to sound or feel. The unprecedented sonic control and range puts creativity into the drummer’s hands and opens new possibilities to play their way. All Anthology cymbals have their weight in grams shown on the inside of the bell.


  • Ref : 104618
  • - Durchmesser des beckens : 22 inches
  • - Ride cymbal
  • - B20
  • - Medium thin
  • - 22 inch

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