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Sonicware LIVEN Texture Lab

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Die Marke Sonicware

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Kaufratgeber für Synthesizer und Drum maschine

Der ultimative Kaufratgeber für die Auswahl Ihres neuen Synthesizers oder Ihres neuen Drum maschines.

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The LIVEN Texture Lab is a granular processor with a synthesizer and effects modes offered by the Sonicware brand.

The Strengths of LIVEN Texture Lab

  • Flexible granular synthesis with extensive editing options for grain parameters via optimized and intuitive access options (size, timing, density, jitter, shape, diffusion rate, length, position, and speed)
  • Sampling function for up to 32 samples with a sampling duration of up to 6 seconds.
  • Shimmering reverb can also be applied to the stereo line input signal.
  • World-renowned sound designers have provided 32 presets based on their experiences.

The Key Features of LIVEN Texture Lab

The Revolutionary Granular Synthesizer

The Texture Lab is a 4-voice granular synthesizer/sampler designed to use granular synthesis to break down sounds and samples into different grains, ranging from 2 ms to 1 second in duration. This process allows for creating entirely new sounds by manipulating various parameters such as grain shape and size, density, time stretching, spatial position, and playback type. Two modulators, an envelope generator, and a flexible multimode filter (LP/HP/BP) with extensive capabilities fuel your creativity, allowing you to transition from gorgeous ambient pads to chaotic experimental textures, pushing the boundaries of imagination.

Real-time Granular Processing Effects Processor

Texture Lab can also be used as an effects processor for real-time granular processing of stereo signals from the line input. It offers the ability to freeze these real-time processed signals for up to 6 seconds and add granular sound effects to them.

Creating Majestic Soundscapes

The versatile engine of Texture Lab can generate shimmering and majestic reverb by layering reverbs across multiple octaves. The LIVEN Texture Lab offers six high-quality stereo reverb types. Each reverb type can be modified using the "shimmer" parameter, allowing for octave stacking to create soundscapes of incredible majesty.

128-step Sequencer with Parameter Automation

Texture Lab features the powerful 128-step sequencer, which has already contributed to the fame of other products in the LIVEN series. In addition to note recording, modifications to granular processing parameters can also be recorded and automated. You have the option to record controller movements in real-time or set parameters directly for specific steps, providing more complex sound processes.

Expert Reviews

  • This device is perfect for creating unique and complex sound textures. The possibilities for sound manipulation are incredible with the various effects and modulations available. Whether you're a professional or an electronic music enthusiast, the LIVEN Texture Lab will surely inspire you. The build quality is also top-notch, with responsive and sturdy buttons and controls.
  • The interface is clear, and the controls are easy to use, making exploration and creation straightforward without getting lost in complex menus.
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Technisches Arbeitsblatt

  • Features
    • Usable as a synthesizer and as an effects processor
  • Adjustments
    • Numerous parameter adjustment possibilities via dedicated knobs
  • Samples
    • Up to 32 samples storable (import/export via MIDI)
  • Sampler
    • Sampler function
  • LFOs
    • 2 LFOs with different waveforms, also applicable to grain parameters
  • Filters
    • LPF / HPF / BPF
  • Sequencer
    • 128 steps (3-voice polyphony)
  • Presets
    • 16 pattern presets and 128 pattern memories
  • Chain Playback
    • Pattern chain playback and loop chain playback
  • Reverb
    • Shimmer-Reverb with different room reverbs
  • Connections
    • Sync In/Out on 3.5 mm mini jack, MIDI In/Out, Line In/Out, Headphone Out
  • Speaker
    • Built-in speaker
  • Power Supply
    • Works with a 9V DC power adapter (optional, not included) or 6 AA batteries
  • Dimensions
    • 297 x 176 x 48 mm
  • Weight
    • 790 g
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