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The Stanton STX is a mobile scratch vinyl turntable.

The Stanton brand is proud to present its new turntable, the STX. This ultra-compact turntable has been specially designed for scratch lovers who want to play their favourite music anywhere, thanks to its built-in speaker and battery. On your bins, get set, scratch!
The Stanton STX is not just another compact turntable on the market, far from it!
Benefiting from the know-how of the famous American brand Stanton, the STX offers many exclusive features that make all the difference for turntablists. The crossfader being a central element for
The STX is naturally equipped with a mini Innofader Nano, a true standard that can withstand up to 4 million cycles, while offering a smooth and precise feel. To suit everyone, this Innofader Nano can be placed on either the left or right side of the deck, to accommodate both left and right-handed players. To further customise your scratching experience and adapt the machine to your style, the STX features independent Crossfader Cut-In and Curve knobs, for razor-sharp or smooth, yet precise cuts in all circumstances!
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- Mobile scratch vinyl turntable
- Innofader Nano mini crossfader, can be installed on the right or left side of the turntable
- Crossfader adjustment: travel switch, installation selector (right/left),
- cut-in potentiometer, curve potentiometer.
- Built-in loudspeaker
- Turntable speed selector: 33 1/3 , 45 and 78 rpm (45 rpm adapter included)
- Pitch fader (+/-8%) with Ultra Pitch selector (+/-50%)
- Volume control knobs for overall audio volume (speaker, headphones, RCA output) and tone
- Bluetooth activation and USB recording buttons
- Inputs: minijack auxiliary, Bluetooth
- Outputs: RCA line, headphone jack and minijack, USB record
- USB-C port for charging
- Power: 2 rechargeable 3.7V lithium-ion batteries included, charging and powering directly via USB-C
- charging via USB-C port, charging via computer USB port or via 5V 2A charging pad (not included)
- 5V 2A charging unit (not included)
- Weight and dimensions: 2.4 kg, 330.2 x 330.2 x 101.6 mm (82.6 without protective cover)
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