Victory amplification
VS100 Super Sheriff Head

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The VICTORY Amps VS100 Super Sheriff Head is about maximum sound and minimum fuss, this dual power head (100 Watts in high power mode and 35 in the low power mode) has two channels of all-valve classic British rock tones, from the 60’s-style classic rock and blues through to the hot-rodded, 70’s and 80’s heavy rock sounds.

Both channels have two footswitchable modes. The Vintage channel has a clean and a crunch mode, these are based on the classic 60’s rock and blues sounds. The Hot Rod channel is the 80’s ‘hot rodded’ gain sounds, both modes have a lot of gain but mode 2 has more and is suited for lead sounds

There are two master volume controls, one for each channel and these are footswitchable. The master volume assign switch on the back, can switch the volume controls to be set globally across channels or to their originally vintage/hot rod channel.

Depth Focus circuit is much more than a bass EQ. It works in the power section of the amp, offering either a tighter, more focused bottom end, or conversely more loose and resonant depending on your needs and tastes. The Sheriff 100 adds extra flexibility with a rotary knob on the back panel.

Located on the back, Presence Switch changes the brightness of the presence control, pushed in and the sound will be slightly brighter as it reduces negative feedback in the higher frequencies.

A series effects loop is available for effects fans. It’s completely out of the circuit when bypassed.

With External Bias Points, no need to fiddle about inside when you change output valves. The Sheriff 100 will be fitted with EL34s as standard but can be biased to use 6L6s too, along with a range of other valves such as: KT66, KT77, 6CA7, 5881 etc.
VICTORY AMPS VS100 Super Sheriff Head
Ref : 105585
- Custom shop : nein
- Gitarrenverstärker leistung : 100 watts und mehr
- Technologie : röhre
- VICTORY Amps VS100 Super Sheriff Head
- Electric guitar amplifier
- Hand made in UK
- 2023
- All tube circuit (4x ECC83, 4 x EL34)
- Choose between 6L6, KT66, KT77 (external adjustable BIAS circuit)
- 25x or 100x watts
- 2x channels (Vintage/Hot Rod)
- Clean/Crunch mode for Vintage channel, Gain 1/Gain 2 for Hot Rod channel
- Independant Gain et Volume for each channel
- Global EQ bass/mid/treble/presence
- Master volume assign switch can switch the volume controls to be set globally across channels or to their originally vintage/hot rod channel.
- Depth Focus Switch with level control works in the power section of the amp for a tighter, more focused bottom end
- Series effects loop
- 1x 16-ohms cabinet output
- 2x 8-ohms or 16-ohms cabinet parallel output
- 2x 4-ohms or 8-ohms cabinet parallel output
- Metal chassis
- 485 x 230 x 235 mm
- 16 kg
- Bag included
- Manual : https://urlz.fr/kHsJ
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