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Yamaha YDM 505

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The YDM 505 is a microphone offered by the Yamaha brand.

The Key Features of the YDM 505

  • Housed in an elegant metal casing with carefully curved contours
  • Their custom-designed capsule has been meticulously tuned to provide clear and natural sound capture with a frequency response ranging from 60 Hz to 15 kHz
  • The exterior design of the YDM series also embodies the qualities of these microphones, reminiscent of our musical instruments with curves similar to brass instruments. The result is an elegant shape that provides real pleasure of use while offering a comfortable grip

The Key Functions of the YDM 505

Yamaha Ydm 505 - Gesangs­mi­kro­fone - Variation 4

Express Yourself

Integrating decades of expertise in musical technology development, the YDM dynamic microphone series is a significant addition to the Yamaha audio range that covers the entire chain, from input to output.

Yamaha Ydm 505 - Gesangs­mi­kro­fone - Variation 6

An Instrument-Like Grip

Thanks to our expertise in musical instrument design, YDM microphones feature a refined design that echoes the smooth curves of brass instruments. Perfectly shaped and enhanced with silver rings for a stunning effect, the handle has also had its curvature optimized through repeated tests of numerous prototypes to ensure a comfortable grip.

Yamaha Ydm 505 - Gesangs­mi­kro­fone - Variation 3

Custom-Designed Capsules

Inside its elegant metal casing, each YDM model is equipped with a custom capsule to reproduce crystal-clear sound at the other end of the audio chain.

Yamaha Ydm 505 - Gesangs­mi­kro­fone - Variation 1

Replacement Grilles and Included Accessories

For some artists, microphone drops are inevitable. After an epic monologue or an accident, separately sold replacement grilles help keep your microphone looking like new. In addition to the exclusive coordinated clip, a 5/8” to 3/8” threaded adapter for mounting on all types of microphone stands and a soft carrying case are included.

Expert Reviews

  • The YDM series is designed for ambitious creators who want to capture sound in a more natural and transparent way to create high-quality content.
  • Thanks to extensive listening tests and precise capsule tuning, Yamaha offers a product that will meet the highest requirements.
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Technisches Arbeitsblatt

  • Microphone
    • Dynamic
  • Directivity
    • Cardioid
  • Magnet
    • Neodymium
  • Frequency Response
    • 60 Hz - 15 kHz
  • Sensitivity
    • 2.5 mV/Pa (-52 dB)
  • Dimensions
    • 51 x 184 mm (Ø x D)
  • Weight
    • 293 g
  • Color
    • Dark Gray
  • Included Accessories
    • Clip and soft case
  • Material
    • Exclusive Yamaha material minimizing handling noise
  • Housing
    • Elegant metal, accessories included