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D'addario XSE 11-56 - saitensätze

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Metal Guitar by Star's Music
Star's Music Bordeaux

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E-gitarren saiten

XS Nickel coated strings boast the longest lifespan of the entire D'Addario electric guitar line. These premium electric guitar strings take advantage of our revolutionary XS coating, which gives them maximum life and a smooth, fast feel without muffling their remarkable tones. Incorporating a NY Steel core, reformulated nickel-plated steel binding, as well as Fusion Twist technology, XS Nickel strings boast superior strength and tuning stability, with richer overtones, clarity improved, and remarkable definition for every note, every slide and every bend. This 11-56 Medium treble/Extra Heavy bass tuning set is designed to maintain a comfortable playing tension with a tuning one tone lower (drop D).
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Technisches Arbeitsblatt

  • Saitensatz / Saite in der Einheit Saitensätze
  • Stärken Heavy
  • XS Nickel strings boast the longest life of any D'Addario electric guitar string, with a smooth, fast feel thanks to the ultra-thin XS coating film.
  • Premium nickel-plated steel binding produces bright tones, with added power, bite and sustain.
  • Thanks to their NY Steel core and Fusion Twist technology, the XS Nickel offers superior resistance to breakage, as well as incomparable tuning stability that allows them to stay in tune 131% longer than standard strings for electric guitar.
  • Each XS Nickel game comes in a resealable and recyclable VCI pouch, which has a code on it that you can save to earn Players Circle points.
  • XS Nickel Coated Electric Guitar Strings are made in the USA, and machined to our exacting specifications at our production facility in New York State.