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Denon dj PRIME 4 + White edition

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Standalone dj controller

The Prime 4+ White Edition is a DJ controller offered by Denon DJ.

This limited edition offers a refreshing aesthetic that will make your performances stand out. Designed for demanding professional DJs, the Prime 4+ White combines advanced features with impeccable build quality, ensuring exceptional performance at every event.

Highlights of the Denon DJ Prime 4+ White Edition:

  • Refined limited edition design, perfect for elegant events and professional performances.
  • Four standalone channels providing maximum flexibility for creating unique and captivating mixes.
  • Two independent microphone sections with dedicated controls for professional-quality sound.
  • Independent Zone output for flexible management of different areas of your event.
  • Support for music streaming services, offering instant access to millions of tracks.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for easy playback from smartphones and other compatible devices.

Features of the Prime 4+ White Edition DJ Controller

A Suite of Dynamic Effects:

An immersive mixing experience with the dynamic effects suite of the Prime 4+ White. With 29 Main FX and 4 Sweep FX, all fully customizable, you can unleash your creativity. The OLED screens, knobs, and dedicated buttons allow you to control and modulate the effects according to your preferences.


Thanks to Engine DJ, the scalable operating system of the Prime 4+ White, you benefit from regular updates that constantly enrich your experience. Features such as Touch FX, performance pad head-up display, and Bluetooth audio input are regularly added to enhance your creativity and efficiency.


Enjoy versatile connectivity with the Prime 4+ White. With four USB inputs, an SD card reader, and a SATA bay for a 2.5’’ drive, you can access a multitude of music sources. Additionally, the four switchable phono/line RCA inputs facilitate the connection of various audio devices.


Experience a revolutionary integration of standalone Stems with the Prime 4+ White. Thanks to the OS Beta version, you can now easily isolate the vocals or instrumentals of a track without needing a laptop. This innovative feature pushes the boundaries of laptop-free mixing.

Explore New Possibilities with the Prime 4+ White Edition:

The high-quality DJ controller offered by Denon DJ. Designed for demanding professionals, this limited edition combines a refined design with advanced features. With its four standalone channels, independent microphone sections, and Zone output, this controller offers maximum flexibility for unique mixes. Additionally, enjoy its Bluetooth connectivity and support for music streaming services for an even more immersive mixing experience. Discover a new dimension of creativity with the Prime 4+ White Edition.

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Technisches Arbeitsblatt

  • 4-Channel Standalone DJ System
    • Computer-free DJ performance
  • Edition
    • Limited White Edition with a refined white color
  • Display
    • 10.1-inch tilt-adjustable multitouch HD screen
  • Music Streaming
    • Via WiFi to access millions of tracks on Amazon Music Unlimited, Tidal, Beatsource, Beatport, Soundcloud GO+, or Dropbox
  • Integrated Sampler
    • With 16 sample slots triggered by pads, volume control, and output routing
  • Stems Function
    • First standalone Stems function for real-time isolation of vocals and instruments (Beta OS version only)
  • Built-in Bluetooth Input
    • With advanced routing
  • Touch FX
    • Offering effects control on the touch screen via an X/Y matrix
  • Main FX
    • With 29 OLED screens and parameter settings
  • Sweep FX
    • 4 dynamic Sweep FX controlled by knobs (combinable with Main FX)
  • Integrated Lighting Control
    • For automatic and custom DMX, Philips Hue, and Nanoleaf light shows
  • Ports
    • 4 USB ports and 1 SD slot for music playback
  • Engine Remote Desktop
    • Wireless access to the computer’s music library via Engine DJ Desktop
  • Integrated Track Analysis
    • For streaming and files stored on physical media
  • 16 Pads
    • With Hot Cue, Saved Loop, Auto Loop, Roll, Sampler, Slicer, and Slicer Loop modes
  • Robust Metal Chassis
    • With steel knob shafts for maximum stability
  • Dedicated XLR Zone Output
    • With EQ and volume control to send playlists and tracks to another room
  • Integrated 2.5-inch SATA Bay
    • For secure music storage
  • 6-inch Metal Jog Wheel
    • With extended touch surface, assignable color, and central HD displays showing track artwork
  • 4 Assignable Input Channels
    • For external media sources at line/phono level
  • 2 Combo XLR/Jack Inputs for Microphones
    • With level adjustment, EQ, Talkover, and echo
  • Internal Audio Recorder
    • To capture live performances
  • Fully Adjustable Crossfader
    • With curve control knob, channel assignment switches, and Fader Start
  • StagelinQ Connection
    • For event lighting and video control
  • Uncompressed Audio Format Playback
    • (FLAC, ALAC, WAV)
  • Computer Mode
    • For use as a controller for Serato DJ Pro (Unlocks when connecting the Prime 4+ White) and Virtual DJ (license required)
  • Weight and Dimensions
    • 9.7 kg, 728 x 497 x 104 mm
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