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Combining classic tube sound and feel with huge tonal diversity, the ROLAND Nextone Stage solidstate/modeling electric guitar amplifier combo (mute/0.5/20/40w, 1x12, 2x channels, delay/reverb) presents an exciting concept in professional guitar amplification.
Two distinctive channel voicings deliver a wide range of inspiring tones, while four selectable Class AB analog power amp types provide instant access to the unique characteristics of 6V6, 6L6, EL84, and EL34 output tube sections.
Backed by advanced Roland Tube Logic approach, each power amp type re-voices the entire circuit from input to output, putting the complete sonic experience of these signature power stages in one amp for the very first time.

Want to dive deeper with even more sound customization ? Just connect to the Nextone Editor and become a virtual tech, fine-tuning bias, sag, EQ, and other internal settings to perfectly match your individual style and touch. Nextone also includes convenient modern features for stage playing, such as a line out for mic-free direct tone, and a power control for expressive cranked-amp sound at manageable volumes.
And thanks to Tube Logic, you get to enjoy all the great sound and response of your favorite tube designs without the backbreaking weight and ongoing maintenance hassles.


Ref : 84453
- ROLAND Nextone Stage
- Soli-state modeling electric guitar amplifier
- Open combo
- 2018
- Mute/0.5/20/40 watts
- 1x 12" custom Roland speaker
- Clean and lead channels, with standard and custom mode options
- Authentic Tube Logic tone
- 4x analog Class AB power amp circuits, selectable from the panel : 6V6, 6L6, EL84, and EL34
- Dynamically responsive power control for cranked-up sound and response at reduced volumes
- Boost and Tone switches for adding crunch and sparkle
- Built-in delay, tremolo, and reverb effects
- Loop for patching in external effects
- External speaker jacks : 1x 8 ohm and 2x 16 ohm
- Line, USB, and phones/recording outputs, with three Air Feel mic’d cab settings selectable from the Nextone Editor
- Nextone Editor (Mac/Windows) for customizing internal amp parameters, including tone stack type, EQ, sag, bias, effects, system settings, and much more
- Support for direct recording and re-amping via USB
- Larg x Prof x Haut : 492 x 248 x 427 mm
- 13.4 kg
- Optional footswitches : BOSS FS-5L, BOSS FS-6, BOSS FS-7
- Optional expression pedals : Roland EV-5, BOSS FV-500L, BOSS FV-500H
- Optional GA-FC foot controller provides a command center for channel selection, Tone, Boost, effects, pedal volume, and more

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