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Shure MVX2U

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Usb audio interface

The Shure MVX2U is a USb -XLR Digital Audio Interface.

The MVX2U digital audio interface represents a major breakthrough in audio technology, seamlessly combining the convenience of USB with the unmatched quality of XLR connections. Designed by world-renowned audio leader Shure, the MVX2U is a state-of-the-art XLR-to-USB adapter that incorporates the latest advances in audio technology.
Another key feature of the MVX2U is its integration with the ShurePlus MOTIV application. This intuitive application gives you full access to a range of advanced features, making it easy to manage your recording and broadcasting process. From flexible mixing options to real-time monitoring tools, the MOTIV application makes the audio experience immersive and engaging.

In conclusion, the Shure MVX2U Digital Audio Interface represents the perfect union of proven XLR tradition and USB modernity. Whether you're a passionate content creator or a musician looking to hone your craft, this revolutionary interface offers unparalleled sound quality, ease of use, and exceptional versatility, opening up new creative possibilities for your music and audio journey.


  • Ref : 108024
  • - Dsp : nein
  • - Category: audio interface
  • - No. of inputs: 1
  • - No. of outputs: 2

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