Reloop Mixon 8 pro

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Standalone dj controller

The Reloop Mixon 8 pro is a DJ controller.

A powerful 4 channel hybrid DJ controller in a class of its own designed for advanced and professional Serato DJs. - The Reloop Mixon 8 Pro effortlessly provides a complete and balanced feature set for the demanding professional. Flexible connectivity options and compatibility with two leading software solutions.
Its hybrid design with a docking station also appeals to DJ users who want to operate mobile sources such as iPhones or iPads. With a built-in standalone mixer. Analog players can also be connected and even Timecode vinyl systems can be supported.
The intuitive club-ready layout with ultra-smooth, high-resolution (100mm) faders allows for precise tempo adjustments for smooth mixing. In addition to a fully optimized crossfader for fast, clean cuts, the new Advanced Loop section includes an offset layer and an LED bar to display the current loop length, which can easily be halved or doubled via the dedicated control knobs. With Slip mode enabled, the currently playing track can be manipulated with loops or scratches without interrupting the music flow, offering endless possibilities for live remixing. Plus, to stay on top of the mix, each deck is equipped with Time Mode buttons to easily toggle between track elapsed and remaining time.
The Mixon 8 Pro's dual USB audio interface allows for easy connection for 2 laptops or an iPad (1x USB-B, 1x USB-C/USB-B switch) facilitating an absolutely seamless transfer between DJs. In another industry first, Mixon 8 Pro offers USB-C device support for next-generation Apple iPads and MacBooks (including power support) with 24-bit features for superior audio quality with low latency.
Full connectivity for inputs and outputs gives you a wide range of connections to turntables or media players so you can mix digital and analog sources simultaneously (2x Phono/4x Line). For even more convenience, you can also route the two microphone inputs (XLR/Jack) into the mixer channels to perfectly equalize your live vocals.
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Technisches Arbeitsblatt

  • 2 built-in jogwheel displays for real-time track information and virtual stylus position
  • Industry's first controller with 4 individual FX toggle switches
  • Independent color filters (LPF/HPF) on each channel
  • Stand-alone mixer for simultaneous mixing of digital and analog input sources via media players and turntables (2 x Phono-In/4 x Line-In)
  • Two microphone inputs with talkover function for routing to mixer channels for EQ control
  • Dual USB audio interface for seamless switching between two laptops or an iPad (1 x USB-B, 1 x USB-C / USB-B switch)
  • Cross-platform support for seamless mixing between different devices and platforms such as macOS, PC, iOS or iPadOS
  • The industry's first controller to support USB-C devices for the next generation of Apple devices and MacBooks (including power support)
  • 8 color-coded performance modes (Hot Cue, Loop Roll, Saved Loop, Sampler, Pitch Play**, Saved Flip***, Slicer, Scratch Bank, Looper, Neural Mix™, Touch FX)****
  • Silent Cue Point to mute the respective bridge while the song continues to play in the background (can be reactivated via instant cue keys at the selected cue point)
  • Plug 'n' Play: immediate DJing after activation of Serato DJ Pro and/or Algoriddim djay Pro AI
  • Serato exclusive: new Scratch Bank function for immediate access to scratch samples
  • Exclusive djay mode: dedicated Neural Mix™ AI section to isolate vocals, drums or instruments in real time
  • DVS compatibility: turntable connection and digital vinyl control*****
  • Stream and mix millions of songs instantly with Tidal*, Soundcloud*, Beatport Link* or Beatsource Link*
  • New extended LOOP section with length LED bar and layer shift control
  • High-resolution 100mm pitch fader for precise speed settings
  • Built-in docking station for up to one iPad Pro (12.9")
  • Dimensions: 657 x 45 x 375 mm
  • Weight: 5.7 kg
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