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The K.2 series represents the new standard of powered speakers, with a 10-inch speaker and
a frequency of 50hz-20khz with an output level of 130db.
It delivers a power of 2000 watts with a superior sound performance.

The k10-2 is suitable for all situations, fixed installation but also for demanding mobile service providers.
It can be used as a main sound system or back stage.
The k10-2 can also be suspended, mounted on a wall or placed on a speaker mast, for a wide range of use in live.

-On the back, we find a screen for displaying Menus and settings,
as well as a rotary knob for quick and easy operation.
-An auxiliary input in Mini jack to connect an external source (phones, tablets, or others).
-Microphone, line or high impedance inputs with gain settings, as well as XLR outputs.

-The k10-2 has a DMT (Directivity Matched Transition) technology that ensures regular coverage over the entire listening area as well,
than equalization contours of the Intrinsic Correction technology.

-It offers a library of presets for various applications such as backstage, electro,
the amplification of musical instruments thanks to its high impedance input (hiz) , microphones and more.


Ref : 73274
- Leistung des pa-lautsprechers : 1501 bis 2000 watts rms
- Pa-lautsprechertyp : Bühnen & foh lautsprecher
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QSC Pack K10.2 + Pieds

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QSC K10.2

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X-TONE xh 6310 Speaker Stand Pair +Bag

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  • 2 x QSC K10.2

    776.00 €
  • 1 x X-TONE xh 6310 Speaker Stand Pair +Bag

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